So, some of you may be wondering (I doubt anyone is wondering, but this felt right for effect) why Matt and I made the trip to the Adirondacks this weekend. Well folks, wonder no more!

My friend and co-worker, Crystal, married her best friend of many years, Eddie, this past Saturday in Lake Placid. Matt and I were honored to join them to celebrate their wedding and new marriage along with their family and close friends.

This was one of the first weddings I had attended (aside from one that went horribly awry at a very young age when I was also the flower girl — I’ll leave it at that — and my cousin’s very small, intimate wedding in Rochester a few years ago), and it sure did not disappoint.

Since I think at this point pictures speak louder than words, I will leave it to the weekend’s photos to tell the tale of Crystal and Eddie’s wedding. But I will say, any wedding I go to in the future that doesn’t end in a lightsaber battle and/or with the groom doing a keg stand, I will be severely disappointed and probably request my registry gift back.

Getting ready to celebrate Crystal & Eddie!

Entrance to the Whiteface Lodge.

Beautiful grounds of the lodge.

It wouldn’t be a lodge without a rustic, wooden chair.

Wood, wood, everywhere!

Beautiful venue where the ceremony was held.

True log cabin feel.

Ceremony underway!

They’re married! And it’s cold out here!

Beautiful rustic room for the reception.

Table settings going perfectly with the fall theme.

That’s right, folks… she didn’t do a wedding cake… she did a tower of apple cider doughnuts!

Perfect little place setting.

And an even more perfect little menu — frond and all!

Cloudy weather, but a view of the lodge from the outside.

View of the building that held the reception.

Walkway to the lodge.

We clean up pretty good, huh?

Reception underway – bring on the booze!

Just me and my handsome date.