It’s officially the month of our move! Granted, we’re not moving until the absolute last day of May, but still – only 30 days left! It feels like we’ve been counting down for so long  (since February – LONG time to be looking forward to a new apartment) and we’re so excited to actually start to get things going. We have our movers booked, no parking signs purchased, and wifi scheduled for installation. With only a few more things left on our checklist, it’s time to focus on the more fun stuff – furniture and decor!

If you know me at all, you know this is essentially my Christmas. Well, since Christmas is my birthday I guess that isn’t technically the case, but you get the gist. Long story short, I love interior design and the chance to decorate a new apartment from (almost) scratch is a dream come true. Of course we will be bringing over a good deal of furniture and other odds and ends from my current apartment. But let’s face it – we need a more gender neutral feel. Not to say my current apartment is insanely girly, but at the same time this will be Matt’s apartment too, and it’s important for him to have a say in how it looks and feel like it’s his own.

So without further adieu, I’d like to share some of the inspiration I have found for our new apartment. Disclaimer: Matt has not fully signed off on every image here, but I will of course be consulting him before any final decisions are made. These images more so evoke the general look and feel we are going for in our new place – clean lines with a mix of rustic and industrial touches.


Vanity & Shower

Unfortunately, the vanity in our new apartment is not very large – there is counter space, but certainly less than I’m used to having. Due to lack of space, I’m planning to keep the vanity super simple: a soap pump (specifically my refillable Amber Glass Jar Soap Dispenser from Amazon), candle, and maybe small succulent. As for our shower, we’ve already purchased the Kate Spade New York Harbour Stripe Shower Curtain in platinum, 100% inspired by the above photo on the right. It’s super simple and goes well with the silver/grey tones in the bathroom. I also love the look of simple off-white hand towels with thin, navy horizontal stripes. I’ve had my eye on the Walcott Hand Towel from McGee & Co. (pictured in the second photo), but cannot yet justify spending $35 on something that I’ll use to dry my hands. We’ll see – birthday gift, perhaps?


Extra Storage

As I mentioned, the vanity is pretty small. So consequently, there isn’t much storage in the cabinets under the vanity either. However, the bathroom itself is definitely a decent size. I’m hoping to utilize some of the extra space by getting a ladder shelf for over the toilet or some sort of other storage organizer. In my current apartment I have shelves over the toilet, but would love to avoid unnecessary screw holes in the new place (I’ve learned my lesson).



In truth, I doubt there will be many changes to the bed itself. I currently have a full bed with a metal frame – not the most luxurious for sure, but it gets the job done (aka, being super cozy). In any case, I’m sure one day we will want to become real adults and purchase a queen size mattress, but that day is not today. For the time being, we’ll be keeping the bed I have and learning to love it (honestly, I already do – like I said, it’s super cozy). A few months ago we purchased the South Shore Holland Full/Queen Panel Headboard from Wayfair to create a more complete look – neither of us had ever had a headboard before. And ah, the trials and tribulations of self-assembly. It was definitely a process, but we love the end result and can’t wait to see it in the new place. We’re definitely going for a gender-neutral color scheme in the bedroom, with lots of neutrals and greys.



Now, let me start off by saying Matt is not a fan of having tons of meaningless display pillows covering the bed. I totally get that – the realist in me fully agrees, but the girl in me would love to have all of the pillows in the land. So, we compromise. Currently we have two Hofdeco Mud Cloth Lumbar Pillows on the bed, and I think they’re here to stay. We might switch things up in the new place, but I like their tribal look in contrast with the rest of the style we’re planning for the bedroom.



Ideally, we would like to get a new dresser for the bedroom – one that better matches the “weathered oak” color of the headboard. However, since money doesn’t grow on trees and I currently have a perfectly good, white, 6-drawer dresser, it seems wise to stick with that for now. I currently have a more bohemian theme goin’ on when it comes to the decor on my dresser – I’ll likely ditch a lot of that stuff and go for a more minimalistic approach (hence the on-going mission to achieve gender neutrality in this room). For now, we’re thinking of hanging a circular mirror above the dresser and having just a few things displayed (lamp, picture frame, plant), but eventually hope to move our TV into this room when we get a new one to mount on the wall in the living room.


Now when I say “entryway,” I mean the little space you walk through when you walk into the door and immediately into the kitchen area. Basically, it’s not really an entryway. But, I do think there is enough room to do something simple, cute, and practical there. I love the slatted benches and circle mirrors paired together with a throw pillow. Alternatively, we could get a taller console table and use it as a place to put our keys, wallets, etc. This is definitely something I’ll wait to plan out until we move in since I’m not sure of measurements or exactly how much space we’ll have for something like this.

Living Room

Probably the most exciting and fun project for this apartment will be the living room. I’ve sold my current brown love seat and chair, and we’ve put the Trayce Chenille Queen Sleeper Sofa from Raymour & Flanigan on hold for our move-in date. We’re super excited about this couch and love that it is a pull-out queen bed in case we ever have people stay over. We have Hofdeco decorative throw pillows in both black and white to accent the couch, and plan to keep my 5′ x 8′ nuLOOM moroccan shag wool rug from We still need to figure out another chair, side tables, and lamps, but again those are all things that will be easier to pick out and order once we’ve moved in.


In truth, there isn’t a ton we can do in the kitchen. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful – so I want to keep it that way with as little clutter as possible. It has more grey/silver tones than the photos above, but they are the general feel I want to go for in the kitchen – clean, simple, practical. Although I love the barstools pictured, I personally would be fine getting cheaper, more industrial stools – especially since we’ll probably need to buy three of them to fill the bar space.


We have a very loose definition of dining – basically, it’s a small space that is just big enough for a table and a few chairs. I love the look of the modern white chairs against the thick wooden slab table, but while the chairs are definitely affordable from a store like Target, I’m not so sure we could get the table I want for quite as good a deal. Similarly to some of the other areas, I’m not fully sure how much room we will have for “dining” so we’ll be holding off on really planning this area until we’ve moved in.

Other Decor

Letter Board

Not to be completely random with this, but Matt and I love these letter boards. They’re getting pretty mainstream and will probably be overdone by the time we move in to the new place in 30 days, but they seem really fun and we’ve both been saying how we want to get one for the apartment. One of my current guilty pleasures is looking up what phrases/jokes/etc. others put on their letter boards… many are super cheesy, but some are actually pretty funny. I’ve seen my favorites on Letterfolk but will likely spring for a cheaper vendor when the time comes to buy – I’ve found some decently priced ones on Etsy.

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