And so continues our Saratoga Springs saga! Well, I guess it doesn’t exactly qualify as a saga, but everyone loves a good alliteration.

Anyway, one of our favorite parts of the trip was finding the cutest little hotel to stay at. When we first started thinking about planning a trip upstate, our initial thought was to stay at an Airbnb. When we were in Lake Placid last fall for my friend’s wedding, we had a really great experience at an Airbnb and loved how cozy and quaint it was.

This time around, however, finding an Airbnb that we liked (that was also within our budget) was a bit more challenging. When I was close to giving up hope, Matt pushed us to keep looking and eventually we found the Brentwood Hotel, a self-proclaimed “equestrian escape in Saratoga Springs.”

Now, if you know anything about me, you know about my love of horses – I grew up with them and rode them for more than half of my life. So, I am all about anything and everything equestrian. The reason the Brentwood can boast such a statement is because it is quite literally across the street from the Saratoga racetrack.

We were sold. We quickly booked our stay and counted down the days until we would embark upon our cozy fall getaway.


Oh, is that a model in the parking lot?


With only 12 rooms, the hotel is super cozy and is reminiscent of a barn itself.



The super cute outdoor area has a fire pit and seating.


…and bikes for rent! If only I wasn’t so clumsy.



The inside bar and seating area is smaller than we expected, but also really cozy and quaint.


Now, unfortunately for me, I am not some high profile blogger who gets free trips in exchange for a glowing online review… well, not yet. But fortunately for you, that means my review of the Brentwood is completely bias-free because hey – we paid to stay! And we are not getting compensated!

Let me preface this by saying we really did enjoy our experience there. The hotel is SUPER unique and absolutely unlike anywhere else I’ve ever stayed. Very cozy, very aesthetically pleasing, and totally makes for a solid Instagram.

That being said, this is not a five-star hotel. I believe it was built from the bones of a motel, which explains its structure and setup. We had the room with one king bed and that’s about all there was room for – the bed and some space to move around it. There were some hooks to hang clothes up, and one chair, but no closet. While the bathroom was small too, it was definitely spacious enough. The size of the room was not a problem for us since we planned to be out and about anyway, but I think we had expected just a bit more space for our things.

Everything was very clean and well kept. Unfortunately there is no control of the temperature of your room (it’s centrally controlled by management) so there were times when the room was pretty cold and air was coming in through a gap between the AC unit and the wall. It was the first chilly weekend, though, so not really surprised that the heat wasn’t on yet. There was a space heater that filled up the room with heat pretty quickly, too. One night, however, we both woke up sweating as the heat was on for the first time, and was coming out full blast. Since we didn’t have control of it, we had to open the window, which worked out fine.

Although this was not the hotel’s fault, at 4am Sunday morning we were woken up by the sound of someone trying to get into our room. It was pretty scary since we were clearly on the ground level in a town we were unfamiliar with, but it turns out it was just some drunk people trying to find their own room. Not the best way to be woken up on vacation, but what are you gonna do!


The king bed was AMAZING and so comfy.




Never did I think a black bathroom would be my style but… between the high pressure shower and brass fixtures, I actually loved it.


Although there were a few quirks with the hotel and maybe it wasn’t the absolute perfect stay, I’d say overall we had a really good experience and would recommend it to someone looking for a room in the area. In fairness, we probably should have packed some heavier jackets and pajamas (it had been 80 degrees at home earlier that week, so it felt a little aggressive to bring our winter coats… definitely would have been beneficial so far north, though).

At the end of the day, even though it is really important to enjoy where you’re staying, the most important part of a good hotel room is a really comfy bed because that’s where you’ll be spending most of your time when you’re there! And yes – the bed was super comfy. The rest of our trip was spent exploring all the exciting places that Saratoga Springs had to offer, and we certainly weren’t disappointed.


Of course the weather finally cleared up on Sunday, just in time for us to leave.



Hopefully we’ll be back again someday, Brentwood!

Oh, I almost forgot the best part – every morning I woke up to the sound of HOOFBEATS! The horses would cross the street to go to and from the track for what I assumed was their morning workout. I had been afraid that most of the thoroughbreds would have moved south for the colder months, but lucky for me a decent amount seemed to still be at the track even though it was closed for construction. Couldn’t go to Saratoga without seeing some ponies!