Saturdays are for the Tourists

Or, rather, Saturdays are for *the residents pretending to be tourists. Matt and I played tourist today at the Hoboken Waterfront – which has always been one of our favorite places to relax on the weekend. With the coming of (slightly) warmer weather, we headed to there today to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air (both of us are slightly sick, so we felt it would be good for not only our minds but also for our nasal…


Go Home, Spring, You’re Drunk

It’s officially spring! And just when we thought we were free of icy sidewalks and bitter winds, we have been hit by our fourth nor’easter in the past month! Granted, it ended up not being quite as bad as we expected, but to play it safe both Matt and I stayed home from work to ride out the storm. About halfway through the day, though, we both began to go a little stir-crazy being stuck in my 500 square foot…