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October 2017



So, some of you may be wondering (I doubt anyone is wondering, but this felt right for effect) why Matt and I made the trip to the Adirondacks this weekend. Well folks, wonder no more! My friend and co-worker, Crystal, married her best friend of many years, Eddie, this past Saturday in Lake Placid. Matt and I were honored to join them to celebrate their wedding and new marriage along with their family and close friends. This was one of…


Our Adirondack Adventure

This past weekend, Matt and I embarked upon one of our biggest adventures yet — conquering the Adirondacks! Okay, well we didn’t exactly conquer them, but we did drive all the way up there from my parents’ house in New Jersey. Beyond that, we pretty much just stopped the car every so often once we made it into the mountains. And by that I mean we would be driving, see other cars pulled over, continue to drive by them, realize…