Our second day in California we started off at the Santa Monica beach, but after some recommendations from friends we decided to take the trip out to Malibu. Braving the heat, we called a car and searched for some places to go. Deciding upon the Malibu Pier, we hopped into the Uber with a friendly LA native and started the drive up the coast.

“You’re going to Malibu?” he asked warily as we climbed in.

We nodded.

“Most drivers won’t take you out there,” he warned us, his eyes on the road. But he kept driving. “I’ll take you, though. But good luck getting back. Don’t stay too late or you’ll never get an Uber or Lyft – they’ll just cancel your trip. And sometimes there’s no service up there.”

Matt and I exchanged worried glances, but we were already en route and it was too late to turn back.

Funny enough, as we continued up the Pacific Coast highway to Malibu, our driver asked where we were from. Ironically, Matt answered “New Jersey” while I said “New York.” The driver just heard Jersey.

“Ah, New Jersey!” he exclaimed, and I fully expected him to launch into some MTV-show-inspired hatred of guidos. Instead, he continued on to tell us how much he LOVED the city of Hoboken and how it was one of his favorite places he’d ever been to (minus the cold). I told him I had lived in Hoboken for three years… and he was jealous of me. Meanwhile we’re literally driving alongside the Pacific Ocean and he’s lived here all his life.

Guess the grass really is always greener.




Our Uber dropped us off at the Malibu Pier and, WOW. It was so beautiful. Between the stunning views of the ocean and the unbelievable mansions perched atop the hills, Malibu was truly an incredible place.

We made our way out to the end of the pier to get some photos and admire the view.





After taking the appropriate amount of tourist photos, we made our way back to the start of the pier to Malibu Farm, a super-trendy, super-bougie coastal spot with unreal views.

Although we were initially sat at a table right on the water, we realized after a few minutes without shade it was way too hot to be in direct sunlight for our whole meal. So we took a few pictures and then (sweatily, frantically) asked if we could be moved into the shade. Thankfully, the staff obliged and moved us to a much cooler (temperature-wise) spot.












After cooling down and devouring a smoothie (Matt), a mimosa (me), and a two decadent plates of waffles (both of us), we were like new people. The food was awesome – and expensive, but it was totally worth it for the whole experience. Even though our second table wasn’t on the water, being “inside” (although it was definitely still technically outside, just in the shade) let us better experience its cool beachy vibe.

If you’re ever in the Malibu area, I would 100% recommend checking this place out. But it doesn’t take reservations, so make sure you’re willing to wait for a table. Like I said though, it’s totally worth it – the wait and the price.





After we finished our meal, we headed down to the beach area directly below the pier. It was still super hot out and the cloud cover didn’t do much to cool us down, so we didn’t stay for long. We were there long enough to be asked to take a photo of a guy and his girlfriend, who were pleasantly surprised when I instructed Matt, “Take it in portrait mode.”

“Nobody knows how to do that!” they exclaimed. Ha, if only they knew the amount of portrait mode photos my library consists of.

Once we decided to head back to the hotel to shower and cool off, we were faced with the truth behind our Uber driver’s warning – there was no service anywhere. Our Instagram feeds had been having trouble loading the whole day, but our Uber/Lyft apps were another story. Thankfully, after about ten minutes Matt’s app was able to connect to a driver, and we waited another fifteen or so in the heat for the car to arrive. If you were wondering, the rumors are true! California traffic is horrible!

All in all, I’m so happy we made the trip to Malibu. It was truly a beautiful, almost mysterious place, and I highly recommend visiting (and enjoying some waffles and champagne at Malibu Farm).