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I’m Jill, a wedding photographer based in New Jersey — and I’m so excited that you’re here! Follow along with the blog to get a glimpse into the heart behind my work.

Dobbs Ferry Waterfront Elopement | Erika & Alex

Dobbs Ferry, New York


COVID-19 has certainly changed many couples’ wedding plans, and Erika and Alex’s wedding was unfortunately affected as well. While they had to postpone their 175 person wedding until next year, like many couples they were anxious to begin married life together. So they planned a small ceremony at the Dobbs Ferry waterfront with just their immediate family — and me!

Erika and Alex’s story is seriously one of my favorites! Here’s how Erika describes how Alex popped the question:

“Our first apartment together was in Soho, right down the street from a Trader Joes. It kind of became our happy place and we went together almost every night to get whatever we needed to make dinner. We were known to be “obsessed”. Soooooo, one morning on our way to brunch with friends, Alex “realized” he forgot his credit card in Trader Joes the night before (all a lie). I was all annoyed because we were already running late, so when we ran into Trader Joes for him to grab his card and he insisted he also needed to grab a pack of gum I was rolling my eyes with my arms crossed refusing to walk to the back of the store with him because I wanted to get moving!! Eventually he got me to the back of the store and there was an entire display set up where he proposed. Our families then popped out of the staff lounge (haha!). It was perfect.”

In true 2020 fashion, the day of Erika and Alex’s wedding was nothing short of eventful! Despite the threat of rain, the train horns blaring every few minutes, and a 1,000+ person high school graduation going on where they had originally planned to hold the ceremony, it was a beautiful day nonetheless and I am so happy for the newly married couple.

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