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Jockey Hollow Engagement Session

Morristown, New Jersey


I know I say this a lot but… seriously, Rachael and Michalis must have modeled in a past life because they were naturals. Now, I am a firm believer that it always helps having a furry friend along for the shoot – they loosen you up and give you a great, real life prop to interact with. But even on their own, Rachael and Michalis were superstars – I barely even had to direct them!

The couple’s first date (although Rachael admitted it may not have actually been an official date!) was in Morristown, and they eventually lived there together before moving up to Massachusetts where they currently reside. Being down in South Jersey, where Rachael is from, for the Thanksgiving holiday was the perfect excuse for a quick pitstop in Morristown to relive their early days together – and for me to capture those moments!

Congratulations to Rachael and Michalis! By the way, they’re getting married in Cyprus – how beautiful is that wedding going to be?!

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