Box House Hotel

This Brooklyn rooftop celebration was nothing short of magical, from the iconic city views to the elaborate floral designs, and every moment in between. Alongside their closest friends and family, these two made their marriage official and danced the night away under the stars.


Photography: Jill Sahner
Venue: The Box House Hotel
Planner: All the Best Moments
Videography: Stephen Matthews
Hair & Makeup: Willowhouse Beauty
Florals: Designs by Ahn
DJ/Entertainment: 74 Events
Invitations: Minted
Gown: Aisle & Veil

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If you have the opportunity to hire Jill for your wedding, book her ASAP! Her style is exactly what I was looking for — especially because my wedding venue was in the city and I wanted a more light, outdoorsy kind of vibe to a city wedding… she somehow did that in her photos! So, a few more things I have to share: Jill is just hilarious. When you’re doing wedding pics/engagement pics, of course you’ll want some candids and seem like you’re having fun. You actually will be having fun with Jill — she was cracking me up and so she was able to capture real laughter that you can feel through the photos! Any other awkward people out there? Don’t know what to do with my hands, never know how to pose, only like certain angles of my face, etc, etc… Jill literally told us every move, every angle, everything we needed to do in such an easy laidback way that it didn’t feel like we were being directed. Taking pics on our honeymoon, I kept saying, “I don’t know how to pose without Jill!” She will make you look effortlessly flawless and if only she could be there with me to tell me what to do for every photo for forever.

Rachael & Scott

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