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Conestoga House & Gardens Lancaster PA Engagement

Lancaster, Pennsylvania


This session was the second time this month I had the honor of photographing fellow wedding industry creatives! Kirsten is an incredibly talented wedding photographer herself, and recently her fiancé Patrick has started wedding videography. This powerhouse team is based in Philadelphia, and I couldn’t have been more excited when Kirsten reached out to me about documenting their wedding. It is always such an honor when a fellow photographer is willing to trust you to capture their own special day!

When we first started chatting about engagement sessions, Kirsten and Patrick were hoping to choose a location they didn’t shoot in themselves with their own clients to make it even more special to their own story. Although Conestoga House and Gardens hadn’t worked out as their wedding venue, they loved the property and had the amazing idea to have their session there! I had never been to Lancaster, so I was super excited to get to see, and shoot at, a new place.

These two are literally middle school sweethearts! As Kirsten tells it, “We actually met in seventh grade because of mutual friends. We became instant best friends, and Patrick definitely liked me a lot but I wasn’t interested. In eighth grade we actually started dating, and we have been together ever since. This November, we will have been together for ten years. We went to middle school dances together, every prom together, and he was a groomsmen in my sister’s wedding in 2020. We are fully a part of each other’s families.”

Fast-forward to this past March, when Patrick popped the question! “Patrick was born in San Francisco, CA. That is where his mom was born and raised and where everyone on his mom’s side of the family currently lives. Every summer, his family goes back out to San Francisco to see family and have a vacation. The summer after we graduated high school (2018), I joined his family on the yearly trip. I then went back every year with them. Patrick and I started building our own traditions out on this yearly trip and always looked forward to going.”

“Since I now work constantly over the summer, we decided to go back and visit together this past March. His grandparents live right next to the Sutro Baths and Patrick and I have a tradition of going there at sunset, eating burritos, and watching the sun set. It was supposed to pour every day that we were visiting, but one afternoon the sun came out. We went to our spot by the Sutro Baths and he asked me to marry him! He’s a smart man too because he had a photographer hiding.”

I absolutely love Kirsten’s ring, it’s a stunning a solitaire oval diamond with a platinum, diamond band. “We picked it out together, I am way too picky and particular to have no say.” Preach, girl!

Together these two live in Philadelphia and are loving working weddings together. They also both enjoy traveling, eating good food, and staying in to play game nights together. I am truly counting down the days until Kirsten and Patrick’s wedding next May, it’s going to be such a special day and I feel so honored to be a part of it!

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