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7 Tips for Stunning Champagne Tower Photos

Champagne towers might be the new cake cutting — but how do you make sure yours is a success?! Take it from me… aka someone who had a champagne tower fail at their own wedding. Check out these 7 tips for getting stunning champagne tower photos, and save this post to refer back to before your wedding day!

1. Smile and laugh the whole time — look like you’re having fun!

Even if you’re struggling to pop the champagne bottle or pour it, try to keep smiling the entire time for photo and video! The more fun you look like you’re having, the more you will love the final result.

2. Have multiple bottles of champagne

This was one of our biggest mistakes — we only had one bottle of champagne for our tower, and it filled about 5 glasses. If there are 30 glasses, well… that looks a little sad. For a four level champagne tower, have at least 6 bottles of champagne if you want the whole tower full (which, you totally don’t need the whole thing full if you’re just using it as a photo op).

3. Stay close together while pouring — touch, kiss, be in love!

If you aren’t connected to your partner in some way (arms around each other, holding hands, etc.) you look like you don’t really like each other. Chances are you just got married, so you want to look totally enamored and in love!

4. Have at least four levels to your tower

Champagne towers can look kind of dinky if they’re too small. I recommend at least four levels to your tower to make sure it looks substantial enough. This would mean your tower is made of 30 glasses total (bottom level will have 16 glasses, next level will have 9 glasses, next level will have 4 glasses, top level will have 1 glass). If you want 5 levels, the bottom level will have 25 glasses.

5. Use coupe glasses for stability (and make sure they’re all identical)

This is super important — champagne flutes won’t balance well, and you want each level to overflow down to the next. Coupe glasses are the perfect shape for this, and for stability. Make sure each glass is identical to avoid a shaky tower.

6. Ensure the table is sturdy and all glasses are touching

Another way to avoid a shaky tower is to have a very sturdy table (take it from me, our venue knocked over the entire tower at the end of the night and every glass shattered). Make sure all of the glasses are touching rims so none can take a tumble.

7. Do it somewhere you won’t worry about making a mess!

The point of this is to make a mess! Do your tower either outside or somewhere that your venue won’t be upset about spilled champagne — because chances are, some will be getting on the ground!

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