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Snowy Central Park Proposal

New York, New York

There are truly no words to describe how magical Tim’s proposal to Christina was! When Tim reached out to me explaining he was planning to propose to his girlfriend in Central Park, I couldn’t have been more excited. And, when a huge storm coated the city in a beautiful blanket of snow last week, I knew we were in for some absolutely incredible photos.

Christina’s twin sister, Francesca, and her boyfriend were in town visiting Tim and Christina, so the plan was to “show them around” Central Park. Little did Christina know, Tim’s parents and sister, as well as Christina’s mother and brother (who came in from Ohio to surprise her), would also be hiding nearby. Tim’s plan was to bring Christina to Wagner Cove, which is a beautiful, quaint gazebo on the lake, and then ask her to marry him.

I assured Tim I would get there early to scope out the area (and try to keep tourists away until they arrived). Matt and Macie came along to be my faithful diversions — Christina was far less likely to think a guy, a dog, and a girl with a camera were as suspicious as me standing alone with my camera trying to look inconspicuous.

However, keeping people out of the gazebo proved harder than expected. I unfortunately had to ask several groups of people to leave the gazebo while we waited for Christina and Tim to arrive. Some were more accommodating than others, but thankfully we were able to keep the area clear until the big moment.

From there, everything went perfectly! Tim got down on one knee, and Christina was SO surprised! Of course she said yes, and then the celebration began! Christina was equally as surprised to see both of their families, and many laughs, tears, and cheers were shared. 

Tim and Christina first met over four years ago! As Tim tells it…

“We both went to the University of Pittsburgh together. She graduated in 2017 and I graduated in 2015, but went for my masters. We met in the spring of 2016 during our last year at school at a bar in Pittsburgh, and started dating shortly after. We’ve been together for just over four years now.”

I always love being a part of proposals, and this one was no different. Capturing these amazing memories for couples and their families brings me so much joy, and I couldn’t be happier to have been able to be a part of this special day.

I am so happy that these two are officially tying the knot, they deserve all of the happiness in the world. Congratulations Christina and Tim, and cheers to the Simons!

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