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I’m Jill, a wedding photographer based in New Jersey — and I’m so excited that you’re here! Follow along with the blog to get a glimpse into the heart behind my work.

Cozy Autumn Cranford Engagement

Cranford, New Jersey


One of my favorite things is being able to photograph special moments for people I have known for years — so when Kaitlyn, who I have known since middle school — reached out to me about her wedding and engagement photos I was so excited! We met up in the town where she and her fiancé, Chris, live and got engaged, and spent the evening shooting around downtown and finishing up at a nearby park for sunset.

Kaitlyn and Chris first met through work, and were friends for a year before they got together! As Kaitlyn tells it, “We met up to move out of our office during the summer of 2020 and started talking after that. I made the first move. In February 2020, I had told a coworker that I wanted to date a guy like Chris so if she knew someone to set me up! I didn’t want to date someone I saw in the office everyday just in case it didn’t work out. Once I realized I wasn’t going to see him every day, I took my chance and it worked.”

Chris’s proposal totally took Kaitlyn by surprise! “We were going out to dinner since he had just gotten back from a work trip in Chicago and I didn’t want to cook since I had a rough week at work. We were walking to dinner and I went to go get a bottle of wine and he said, “No, let’s keep walking.” I then went to go into the restaurant and he said, “No, I’m not even hungry,” and he wanted to keep walking. We walked to a little park in Cranford and that’s where he proposed! I was SHOCKED! I had absolutely no idea! I’m known for having my nails done and they were an absolute mess, I was so embarrassed! And of course that’s when he proposed (proof I had no idea it was coming). We came home and our parents and brothers were waiting for us in our apartment with decorations. It was a perfect proposal!”

Kaitlyn’s ring is absolutely stunning. “The ring is perfect, it’s exactly what I wanted. A solitaire cut, gold band and the under halo. He reached out to my friend to make sure it was perfect (down to the point where I once described I wanted a band that was the size of spaghetti not angel hair).”

Together these two live in Cranford and moved in with each other last Thanksgiving. In their spare time they love watching tv and spending time with their family and friends. I cannot wait to capture their special day next October at Crystal Point Yacht Club in Point Pleasant!

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