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Hathaway Beach Jersey Shore Proposal

Deal, New Jersey


Tyler’s sunset beach proposal to Christie was like something out of a movie, and I had such an amazing time planning this perfect moment with him and Christie’s family! Tyler and I spoke a few times leading up to the big day (sneakily finding time whenever Christie was out!) and immediately I could tell how much he loved Christie and how perfect he wanted this proposal to be.

Funny enough, Christie and Tyler actually played when they were kids but didn’t realize until later! They reconnected years later through work, and have now been dating for seven years as of June 26th.

Tyler chose August 20th to propose because there were two perfect diversions to ease any suspicions Christie may have: 1) August 21st is her birthday, so he told her to be dressed and ready for a birthday dinner, and 2) they were picking up their new puppy the next day! So much to celebrate and be excited about!

I got to the beach early to set up Tyler’s vision on the beach with Christie’s family. We laid out a blanket and set up hundreds of (fake!) tea light candles in the shape of a heart leading up to the spot where Tyler would ask her to be with him forever. Even though we had to move the setup a few times (3 times, to be exact, and were basically pros by the last time) to avoid the rising tide, it was exactly how Tyler had imagined it.

Christie was so emotional and surprised, and it was such a sweet thing to witness! While her family watched from afar, I inconspicuously captured the moment from a beach chair nearby — not many places to hide on a beach!

I’m so happy I was able to be a part of this incredible moment for such a sweet couple, and I know this will be a birthday Christie will never forget!



Ring: Marisa Perry Atelier
Photography: Jill Sahner Photography

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