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Intimate Rumson Micro Wedding

Rumson, New Jersey


Aileen and Bobby’s intimate wedding was nothing short of magical! Like many couples this year they were not able to have their full wedding, but still wanted to tie the knot and celebrate with their closest friends and family. Although it was certainly not the easiest year for this couple (from a bachelorette planned in Puerto Rico during the January earthquakes, to two wedding reschedules due to the pandemic) they still kept such a positive attitude and focused on the one thing that they knew could get them through — their love for each other!

The couple first met in college at Bryant University (which is where I went as well, making capturing their special day all the more meaningful!) about nine years ago. Bobby proposed in 2018 in their favorite spot on the beach and afterwards surprised Aileen with a huge party with all of their friends and family.

When Aileen first reached out to me to photograph their big day (which would have been her grandparents’ 67th wedding anniversary), I was beyond excited! Aileen and Bobby are always the life of the party, and Bobby’s party trick is doing backflips from a standstill — definitely an impressive feat.

In the days leading up to their wedding, in true 2020 fashion southern New Jersey was hit by Tropical Storm Isaias, which led to power outages and damage along the coast. In fact, the church where the two were getting married only got its power back the day before!

Thankfully, by the day of their wedding it was nothing but bright, sunny skies for Aileen and Bobby.

The couple’s immediate family joined them for the church ceremony while other family members and friends watched via live stream. Aileen had told me ahead of time that Bobby thought she was wearing a different dress that day, but she planned to surprise him by wearing her original wedding dress. As I shot the moments before she walked down the aisle, I could tell the exact second that Bobby saw his beautiful bride by the change in expression on his face. In an emotional moment, he realized she was wearing the dress for their original day, and I couldn’t help but tear up myself.

In a time full of so much uncertainty and fear, Aileen and Bobby’s love overcome all of the obstacles put in their way. The rest of the day went without a hitch, and we celebrated at Aileen’s aunt’s gorgeous backyard in Rumson.

As I was packing up to head home, I told Aileen that although it wasn’t the exact day they had imagined and been planning it was still such a special day. She looked at me and smiled and said, “It was absolutely perfect.”

I’m so happy I could be there to capture these sweet memories for an even sweeter couple. Congratulations, Aileen and Bobby — I love you guys!

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