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Summer Downtown Hoboken Engagement

Hoboken, New Jersey


This engagement session was a LONG time coming — Nicole and Ryan first scheduled this for fall of 2020, but between rain reschedules and Ryan breaking his tooth the week before one of their scheduled dates, somehow it got pushed all the way out until June of 2021!

I was SO excited to be working with these two again. I first met Nicole and Ryan because we lived in the same apartment building and our dogs would play together in the dog run. Last January, I even captured their proposal on the Hoboken waterfront (see the blog here) so it was so much fun to be a part of yet another milestone in their engagement!

Since it’s unseasonably warm right now, it was actually around 94° when we were taking these photos. I’m honestly not even sure how Ryan was functioning in a suit jacket, long sleeves, and long pants because I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and was dying. But these two powered on through the heat and kept me laughing the whole time (usually I try to make sure it’s the other way around, but they are so hilarious together).

Probably my favorite and potentially top five funniest moments I’ve ever experienced during an engagement session was when Ryan ran over to a restaurant to grab a napkin to wipe his sweat (poor guy) and returned holding something that looked a lot bigger than a napkin… turns out, he had grabbed a whole table cloth. Well, that table cloth accompanied us on the rest of the shoot but totally served its purpose.

One shot that Ryan had shared with me ahead of time that they were hoping to get was a dip and kiss in the middle of the main street in Hoboken, Washington Street. I had my hesitations because getting hit by a car wasn’t exactly on my to-do list for the day, but they were down so I was too.

We did it three separate times during a red light and many onlookers cheered (and even asked to see the final photo). It was totally worth it in the end and no photographers were harmed in the making of the image.

Congratulations again to Nicole and Ryan, I feel so lucky to have been a part of so many amazing moments in their relationship!

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