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I’m Jill, a wedding photographer based in New Jersey — and I’m so excited that you’re here! Follow along with the blog to get a glimpse into the heart behind my work.

Hoboken Waterfront Engagement

Hoboken, New Jersey


Working with Kim and Marc was a dream! Even though it was in the high nineties while we were shooting, these two were total troopers and did an amazing job powering through the heat. I know in that kind of temperature the last thing you probably want to do is wrap your arms around someone (even if it is your fiancé) so I seriously appreciated their dedication to getting the shot!

Kim and Marc actually met on Bumble, which is how Matt and I met as well! “We met up on a Wednesday night at the Ainsworth,” Kim explained to me. “I was so tired from working nightshift, and he was having a very busy week at work. We were one of the only people at the bar, and ended up having a great time!”

Marc told me that the bartender at the Ainsworth that night kept giving them shot after shot after shot to try. Sounds like an amazing first date to me!

We actually headed to the Hoboken Ainsworth at the end of our session to do a few photos there and, although they did not order shots to exactly recreate their first date, it was so special to be able to take some photos at a place that is so meaningful to them.

“Marc and I have been engaged since October after dating for two and a half years,” Kim told me. “We moved in together during quarantine and have had the best time together. On the weekend of our engagement, we drove to Palisades State Park, took a long hike, and at a beautiful spot with a clearing he got down on one knee! It was really such a special moment.”

Together these two currently live in Hoboken where they try to go to a new restaurant every time they go out (although they definitely have their favorite spots on repeat). They also love the beach and go down to Point Pleasant frequently in the summer, and are always down to try any place that sells a good lobster roll.

It was such a pleasure working with these two, and I can’t wait for their intimate wedding this August in Sea Bright, NJ!

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