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Rainy Central Park Engagement

New York, New York


I often have clients ask me, “Jill, what happens if it rains on the day of our engagement session?” And I usually say, “We will be checking the forecast in the days leading up, and if it looks iffy we will reschedule!”

Well, when the forecast is back and forth and LOOKS like it will be okay… but then isn’t… then you just gotta roll with it!

Amanda and Robby were SUCH troopers during their rainy engagement session in Central Park. It was certainly not the experience they had hoped for, but they went into it with great attitudes and, on the plus side, it was the emptiest I’ve ever seen Central Park! Always a silver lining, right?!

These two first met at college at the University of Tampa during orientation week (although they were both from New York and grew up only 30 minutes from each other, they had never crossed paths before then).

“We both met this girl Lindsay a few days before (who is now one of my best friends and in our bridal party) who introduced us,” Amanda recalls. “I was in the cafe with my roommate Sarah and Lindsay when Robby came over to the table to say hello to her. I immediately turned bright red and blushed when Lindsay introduced us.” Right after he walked away, Amanda told her friends, “I need to get to know him more… please invite him out tonight.”

And the rest is history!

By winter break they were dating, and of course it was college so there were some inevitable bumps along the way — but Amanda and Robby never gave up on their connection, and only grew stronger and better together. Next year will mark 10 years together!

Amanda and Robby got engaged in Central Park at Wagner Cove in December of 2019. Amanda was totally surprised, and had been expecting that a proposal was maybe coming during their upcoming trip to Italy! But Robby’s plan was perfect — he had been the first one to take her to Central Park, even though she grew up in New York, so it became a really special place to them. The night before they had been in the city to see a Broadway show and stayed the night. The next morning, they took a walk through the park.

“Next thing I know, he starts talking about our history and future and expressing his love for me. I had to ask him what was going on because he forgot to get down on one knee he was so nervous, but moments later he got down and pulled out this gorgeous ring. It was so magical and I’ve been on cloud nine since! It was also so amazing to celebrate together with family and then go on an “engagement moon” in Italy right after.”

Amanda’s ring is cushion cut with pave band in a vintage setting. “It has this beautiful vintage scroll design in the band that will match in my wedding band. It is perfect and just what I envisioned.”

“What’s so special is that he went to a local family owned jeweler in Tampa. Shopping small business is very special and important to us since both of our families own their own small business. His parents run a local pharmacy and my grandfather owned his own used/vintage furniture store which has now been passed down to my aunt, but we both always try and support those kinds of businesses when we can.”

Together, these two live in Westchester County, NY where they both grew up. They absolutely love to travel and enjoy exploring new cities. They like to explore national and state parks where they hike and kayak, and are always down for a trip to the beach or to try new restaurants and breweries.

I had the best time (even in the rain!) with these two, and I am so excited to get them married next September at The Park Savoy Estate!

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