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Madison Train Station Engagement

Madison, New Jersey


Holy hot engagement session! …and while yes, I am talking about the weather, Siobhaín and Kyle are also on fire in these photos! But seriously, we took these on one of the hottest days of the year so far — huge shoutout to these two for powering through the heat and humidity and still looking absolutely flawless.

I love Siobhaín and Kyle’s story! They are college sweethearts and met in 2014 at Drew University where they both attended undergrad.

“While at a party, I went looking for a mirror to fix my lipstick,” Siobhaín explained. “I found the mirror — and Kyle too! When he asked me on a proper date days later, I actually said no because I had to work. Luckily, we rescheduled and we’ve been together ever since.”

And so thankful that they did reschedule!

Fast forward to August 2020 when Kyle popped the question in Cape May! The Jersey shore had always been such a special place for both of their families. Before proposing on the beach, he took Siobhaín to the arcade that she and her siblings loved when they were little. “Nothing like playing ski ball in a floor length dress,” she joked.

But, needless to say, she of course said yes! And Kyle did an amazing job with her ring.

“Kyle picked my dream ring,” she told me. “Despite my love of all things casual — you can usually find me in jeans and Birkenstocks — I have an appreciation for jewelry that even I can’t explain. My ring is a yellow gold solitaire with a four prong setting — it’s exactly what I’ve always wanted!”

I absolutely love taking engagement photos in a location that is meaningful to my couples. We took theirs at the Madison train station, which is a really special place for these two!

“The Madison train station really is the heart of the town. Drew encourages its students to take advantage of the city, so the train station is a huge part of student life, too. My senior year, Kyle’s junior year, Kyle participated in Drew’s Wall Street Semester. He’d have to catch an early train on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Conveniently for Kyle, I had no classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I would wake up just as early on my days off and drive him to the station. I’m sure you can imagine how much I LOVED doing that my senior spring semester… But that’s where our routine all started!”

“Once out of school, Kyle took a job in the city and I worked in NJ. Though we moved to Summit, the early morning drop off and late night pick up at the station was still part of our life. Kyle then took a job in NJ and I took a job in the city. We totally switched roles. For better or for worse, we both feel right at home on NJ Transit — Madison station is where it all began!”

In their spare time, Siobhaín and Kyle love to travel (even if just a long drive during the pandemic) and trying new foods. “Kyle is truly my best friend,” Siobhaín said. “So while big trips are fun, I’m just as happy playing cards with him over a glass (or three) of wine.”

Congratulations to Siobhaín and Kyle! I could not be more excited for their wedding next May at Park Avenue Club in Florham Park, NJ!

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