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Spring Lake Beach Divine Park Engagement

Spring Lake, New Jersey


Toni and Abraham’s engagement session was my third session at Spring Lake in two weeks! Luckily, this is one of my favorite places to shoot (we even took our own engagement photos here!) and it never disappoints.

It was so great finally meeting Toni and Abraham! These two actually live in Portland, Oregon but are originally from New Jersey so are having their wedding back here next July. The one weekend they happened to be home for Abraham’s sister’s graduation, I was actually going to be attending a wedding (yes, as a guest!) in New Hampshire. Luckily, they were able to fly in a day earlier so we could do their engagement photos the night before I had to leave.

Toni and Abraham have known each other since they were teenagers! As Toni tells it, “We originally met when we were 14 in our church’s youth group. We dated for a three years when we were younger (two years in high school, one year in college) and then went our separate ways. Abraham first asked me out at our church’s annual Greek festival, and we attended four proms together. We reconnected about two years after college at our church’s Greek festival and began talking. After months of talking and a few “not-a-date” dates, we officially went on our first date Memorial Day weekend 2017 at the Monmouth Race Track. The rest is history!”

Abraham popped the question December of 2020! “We went out to a really nice dinner, what I thought was just a date night,” Toni explained. “When we got home he had a whole string of lights set up outside spelling “Marry Me” — it was very magical and I was VERY surprised!”

When it comes to her engagement ring, Abraham REALLY had the hookup… his dad is a jeweler! “My ring is a round diamond with smaller diamonds around the band. I did let him know I preferred white gold and round diamonds, but he picked it out himself!” Abraham went to visit his father in Florida three months before they got engaged to design and customize Toni’s ring, which was totally a surprise. “An awesome, beautiful surprise!” she said.

Abraham is currently in a two year rotational program for work, so this couple will be moving every 6 months until end of 2022. Next up is either Texas or North Carolina in September, then either Connecticut or back to Jersey in March of 2022. “And then post-wedding…who knows!”

In their spare time, Abraham loves to hike and be outside — and Toni has learned to love it too, especially living in the Pacific Northwest. They are both travel-obsessed, and pre-COVID had been to Thailand, Indonesia, Iceland, and Italy together. They’re also self-proclaimed foodies, and love any activities where there’s a good meal involved (I mean, same).

I can’t wait for Toni and Abraham’s July 3rd wedding next summer at Seasons Catering in Washington Township! Congratulations to these two!!

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